At Three Deuce, we exist to answer your most critical brand questions:

Exactly what will we stand for?

Exactly how will we get there?

The answers are found through our three Core Brand Consulting services:


Mission, Vision, Values and Purpose (MVVP)

More than ever before, consumers desire to connect with brands on a deeper level. They don't just want to know what you produce; they want to know what you value.

Our MVVP service is designed to elicit and elevate the best of your company, its people, and your brand. Starting with a deep understanding of your corporate and brand-level assets and values, we engage your team to think creatively and boldly about the brand's "reason for being" – how it makes the world a better place. The resulting Mission, Vision, Values and Purpose Statement is a manifesto for brand meaning and positive change.

Benefits of MVVP:


Brand Positioning

Everyone wants brand growth. But without a clear picture of what you want to stand for, how can you know whether you’re getting closer to your goals?

No great brand was ever built without a strong positioning. Positioning is:

A clear definition of how you will be perceived
by those you seek to motivate.

Positioning is not about where you are today. It's about tomorrow, next year and ten years from today. When you define your positioning, you make a proactive choice for the equity you will own and the benefits you will provide to those you serve.

At Three Deuce, we've created and refined a process to find the "sweet spot" where your strengths and passions meet the needs and wants of your customers. And we apply our 15 years of experience in facilitation to draw the best thinking from your team, ensuring they'll be committed to execution. The result is a positioning only your brand can own.

Benefits of Brand Positioning:


Brand Strategy

"One definition of insanity is doing the same things as your competitors and expecting a better business result." – Matthew Fenton

Once you've established where you're going, strategy defines how you'll get there. Here your brand comes to life through everything you say and do. Every touchpoint is an opportunity to enhance the power of your brand, and must be managed accordingly.

At Three Deuce, our Brand Strategy services take three forms: Messaging (what you say), Experience (what you do), and Guidance (how you're doing). For each, you'll get a clear, prescriptive guide for action, now and in the coming months and years, to take your brand to a higher level.

Benefits of Brand Strategy:

Need other services?

Because we focus solely on what we do well, Three Deuce offers only these branding services. Of course, our clients often have additional needs, so we've developed a network of resources whose work and character we trust, and we can activate this network as your needs dictate. These resources can handle the complete range of marketing services – design, market research, public relations, and others. At your preference, we can also manage these resources for you.

Our Clients Say...

Matthew helped us clearly define our vision for the Natorp's brand – and create strategic ideas to turn that vision into reality. I would recommend Matthew & Three Deuce Branding to anyone who wants to take their brand to the next level.

Kyle Natorp
President - Natorp’s, Inc.

Matthew is an endangered species: A marketer who can blend positioning, strategy and tactics. Without hesitation, I call on Matthew to help create miracles for the world's greatest marketing challenges.

Doug Hall
CEO - Richard Saunders International & Eureka! Ranch

Matthew delivers a wealth of brand-building ideas. But perhaps his greatest talent is bringing new ideas out of those who know their business best. He taught us how to think fresh.

Todd Bender
VP-Sales and Marketing - Heritage Homes

Matthew made the entire branding process seamless, easy to grasp and extremely worthwhile. He helped us clarify our goals and positioning in the market and gave us a fresh new approach.

Anne Lisbin
CEO - Elegant Fare

Matthew brought insight, clarity, and structure to the difficult challenge of defining our brand. He was particularly adept at distilling our creativity into actionable and differentiated strategies. At the end of his process, we were confident that our brand was authentically positioned for success.

Mike McCaw
Principal - Wealth Dimensions Group (formerly Spectrum Financial Advisors)

After years of attempting to clearly articulate our brand, we engaged Matthew to assist us in the process. Matthew provided the expertise and led our team through a process that helped us clearly define our brand and our differentiators and resulted in effective messaging to build and market our brand. The process was extremely valuable and we should have done this years ago!

Doug Loftus, CFP, AIF
Managing Member - Wealth Dimensions Group (formerly Spectrum Financial Advisors)

Matthew guided and directed our team through an objective process that clearly defined our brand's personality, affiliation, attributes and uniqueness. Uptown Cincinnati is a great place to live, work and play!

Tony Brown
President and Chief Executive Officer - Uptown Consortium

Matthew is the "go to" guy! He nails it down – eloquently, strategically, and right between the eyes. We work with Matthew on strategic marketing and when he isn't in the room, something is missing. He is the money player.

Richard Schwartz
President - Fever LLC

Working with Matthew over the past 15 years has always been exhilarating, productive and richly rewarding, no matter the assignment. From strategy to branding to discovering the "wow" factor, Three Deuce Branding is a sure bet.

Tom Wessling
CEO, Founder - Performance Concepts, LLC
Former Senior Vice President, Client Services – Carlson Marketing Worldwide